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Are You WOWing Your Guests? How to Maintain Consistency and Exceed Expectations in Your Restaurant.

Waiter serving dessert at a diner

Whether your guests are venturing inside your establishment, going through a drive through or ordering online for a curbside pickup or delivery, the end goal should be the same, wow your guests and keep them coming back. Consistency is not easily maintained and raising the bar to exceed the guest’s expectations is even more difficult to accomplish, achieving both while not impossible only the best brands seem to deliver.

Disappointing experiences often go unreported, (typically 4% or 1 in 25) of unhappy customers actually reach out directly to the brand to voice their displeasure. Therefore, it’s key to have open channels of communication easily accessible on receipts, websites etc for your guests to reach out and voice their concern or feedback with staff at the ready to assist or respond. The restaurant industry is one of the most competitive and the guest’s expectations are typically some of the highest so having a robust customer service strategy is imperative to resolving and retaining your loyal customer base. Without having a solid plan and execution in place the risk runs high that your customers leave the brand for a competitor.

Having agents that are knowledgeable and a true extension of the brand are key in resolving the guest’s complaint or addressing their inquiry. We have found that an immersive customized training program tailored for each restaurant and brand sets the agents up for success and provides the guest the most comprehensive resolution that acknowledges, addresses and resolves their concern on the first point of contact. It also provides greater opportunity to upsell during an order taking interaction as an educated agent quickly realizes the best add on or product that best compliments their order. When customer call due to a poor experience, providing compensation while often important, shouldn't be relied on solely for resolving guest complaints. Loyal guests want to be provided with insight and reassurance that their concern doesn’t go unchecked at the operational level, in other words providing some transparency to the guest on how the information will be shared with the location/brand to avoid the same mistakes again in the future is critical.

Applying this two-pronged approach satisfies more guest’s when compared to only providing an apology or compensation, the differentiator is allowing the guest insight into the companies processes and procedures on how remedies are applied to similar situations to avoid a reoccurrence. Sharing each guest experience, both positive and negative with the brand right down to the location operator ensures they are aware of the issue and can focus on avoiding the same mistake again. We have found this consistent transparent process both internal and a specific portion shred with guest reduces overall operational errors and drives better share of wallet and keeps loyal guests loyal.


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