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Financial Services

Our account management service is a comprehensive service that can handle all your customer needs related to their financial accounts via voice and non-voice mediums, such as phone, email, chat, SMS, or online platforms. We can provide your customers with information, advice, and guidance on your products and services, such as account types, features, fees, benefits, etc. We can also help them with any questions, concerns, or requests they may have, such as opening, closing, or transferring accounts, updating information, checking balances, making transactions, etc.

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Key Services

Account management

Reduce operational costs and overheads by having Realtime cx hire, train, and manage your account management team, and avoiding the expenses of equipment, software, and infrastructure. We can also help you optimize your processes and workflows, and increase your efficiency and effectiveness.


Troubleshooting and technical support agents are responsible for listening to customer problems, diagnosing the root cause, providing instructions, guidance, and solutions, and following up until the issue is resolved. Troubleshooting and technical support agents also aim to identify and prevent any potential or recurring issues, and to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Technical Support

Technical support involves helping customers with any errors or issues they may encounter with your systems, software, or devices, such as login, connectivity, security, performance, etc.

Fraud / Identity Protection

Our fraud and identity protection support service is a comprehensive service that can help your customers prevent, detect, and recover from fraud and identity theft, which are serious threats to their financial security and well-being. We can provide your customers with information, advice, and guidance on how to protect their personal and financial information, such as passwords, PINs, account numbers, cards, etc. We can also help them monitor their accounts, transactions, credit reports, and online activities for any signs of fraud or identity theft, such as unauthorized charges, changes, or inquiries. We can also help them report and resolve any fraud or identity theft incidents, such as contacting the relevant authorities, institutions, or agencies, freezing or closing their accounts, disputing or reversing the charges, restoring their credit, or obtaining compensation or legal assistance.

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