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Outsourcing Customer Service: Is It Worth the Risk for Big Brands?

The most successful brands today ensure customer service is consistently delivered to keep their fans and consumers loyal.

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Given the varying size and scope, industry or vertical many of these businesses outsource this critical task to a 3rd party expert. Why would household name brands put their reputation on the line and leave it in the hands of another company?  The simple answer is 3rd party customer service support experts are solely focused on the guest. With laser focus connecting to inquiries, resolving disputes and providing resolution often on the first point on contact to retain and grow your customer base.

As business evolves so does the way we interact with our customers, which is why it is imperative to have an Omni-channeled support system for guests to reach their favorite brands. The most successful customer support providers tailor the guest experience and recovery methodologies by collaborating with the brand. Cookie cutter customer service is often seen as shallow and none connective. You want to wow the customer and evoke a positive interaction even if it takes a few minutes of active listening to best know how to resolve their issue. To be an industry leader you must provide world class support and service, response times, resolution paths and recovery or compensation must be provided swiftly and precisely. Becoming a true partner with your customer service providers is crucial to a successful customer support campaign. A good partner should immerse themselves in the brands' voices, core beliefs and future vision, and hand pick dedicated teams chosen to handle partners' guests. They should build a custom plan, including custom training documents, ensuring thorough comprehension, testing and role playing to certify agents are fully prepared to wow your guests.

You want your partner to offer industry leading service levels through all mediums while providing dedicated agent solutions at shared pricing. Sound too good to be true? Just reach out!


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