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Who is RealtimeCX

Realtime is a best-in-class customer care and business process outsourcing company, offering industry leading best practices for over 30 years.

We are Omni-Channel

Your guests should be able to reach out through whatever channel they'd like. However they choose to connect, RealtimeCX is ready and waiting to create a unified customer experience that is aligned and consistent across all media.

We make sure that the Customer Experience is seamless, across all channels, and your customers are wowed by your consistent brand voice, expert service, and real-time interactions. 

We are tech leaders

We leverage cutting-edge tools at all levels of our partnerships to ensure that both your company and your customers are best cared for.

We know how to use technology to cut through the noise and deliver fast, professional, and unparalleled guest interactions that separate your brand from the competition, every time.

Team Portrait
Team Portrait

We obsess over our people

We know that our team is an extension of your brand, so we make sure that every team member is given the training, support, and tools to be a true product and service expert.

We create comprehensive, detailed, and immersive training and learning programs for each Client, tailored carefully to the important intricacies of your brand's voice, and we update this material constantly as your customers' needs change.

Plus, all of our agents are carefully screened and trained in critical soft-skills like active listening, professional interaction, de-escalation, value-building communication, and more.

We turn your customers into your evangelists

We know that keeping existing customers costs less than acquiring new ones, yet many businesses struggle to make this happen. Not only do we make sure to keep your customers returning, but we turn them into your brand's biggest cheerleaders.

Whatever the channel or industry, we leverage our services to make sure that your customers not only return, but share their great experiences with the world. 

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