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Your customers expect great service and quick resolutions, we train our team to become experts in your product and services enabling us to do just that. Our platform dynamically sources relevant details based on your guest’s request enabling our team to offer expedited fixes which get your customers back in the fun zone faster.

Beat the house with CX

Don't play games with customer support

Key Services

Sales Support

We can provide your customers with information, assistance, and guidance on your products and services, such as features, specifications, prices, discounts, promotions, etc. We can also help them with any questions, concerns, or requests they may have, such as compatibility, availability, delivery, installation, etc. We can also handle any issues or problems related to their purchases, such as payment, activation, warranty, returns, refunds, etc. We can also collect customer feedback, measure customer satisfaction, and identify areas for improvement.

Product Troubleshooting

We will help your customers troubleshoot any errors or issues they may encounter with your products, such as compatibility, functionality, performance, quality, etc. We can also help them diagnose the problem, provide instructions, guidance, and solutions, and follow up until the issue is resolved.

Technical Support

Answering technical questions, providing tips, tricks, and best practices, updating software or firmware, repairing or replacing defective or damaged products, processing warranty claims, etc.

Moderation Support

Our moderations service is a comprehensive service that can ensure a friendly and safe environment for everyone in your gaming or entertainment platforms via voice and non-voice mediums, such as phone, email, chat, SMS, or online platforms. We can monitor, review, and moderate the user-generated content, such as text, images, videos, audio, etc., that are posted or shared by your users on your platforms, such as forums, chats, comments, reviews, ratings, etc. We can also enforce your community guidelines, rules, or terms of service, and take appropriate actions, such as warning, deleting, blocking, reporting, or escalating, against any inappropriate, offensive, abusive, or harmful content or behavior, such as spam, bullying, etc

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Why choose us?

Mobile Customer

30+ years in Customer Experience

We've been leaders in customer service & support for decades.

Technology Leaders

Whatever your goal, we've got the technology and expertise to achieve it at scale. 

Industry Leading SLAs

Customers don't want to wait on hold for a response, whatever the channel. We make sure they don't have to.

Global Reach

With centers all over the world, there isn't a time zone or a customer that we can't service.

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