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Enhancing Customer Service in the Transportation Industry: Tips for Quick and Easy Communication

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Whether it’s deliveries, roadside assistance or dispatch, the transportation industry is fast paced and providing your customers with excellent customer service could set your business apart from the competition.

Providing an easy to access phone number or Chat portal are two ways to let your customers contact you quickly and gain insight into their delivery, or receive assistance, the differentiator is ensuring these mediums are appropriately staffed providing high service levels with knowledgeable team members. Offering these communication channels without provided fast insightful assistance may lead to further frustration resulting in loss of future sales.

Service levels should be calibrated to best fit the urgency of your guests needs, we always want to serve our guests as quickly as possible, however some industries given the nature of the business warrant a faster response time than others. Companies that provide the highest level of service, especially when customer safety could be involved are normally the winners in their respective space.

If your guest is waiting on hold on the side of the road for 45 mins and needs a tow, they will unlikely continue with this service provider due to the lack of fast emergency service.

Offering elevated service levels for your guests doesn’t have to carry elevated costs. Staffing for peak times based on seasonality, historical data and volume delivery patterns should factor into providing the optimal coverage to ensure your guests are not waiting for their service.


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