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How to Achieve First Contact Resolution and Retain Your Customers

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Being available to engage with your guests is only a part of the interaction, most guests have multiple choices when it comes to virtually all business types and retaining your guests starts with listening to them.

Dependent on the guest’s experience, it is critically important that empowering and properly equipping the Agents with resolution and compensation options, so they accurately handle and remedy on first contact. Traditionally if compensation was to be offered and provided to the guest this was almost always a physical card or coupon that needed to be mailed via the postal service. This proved to be costly not only from an operations standpoint but also left room for error, delays and miscommunications, often leaving the guest more upset than the initial interaction, as they did not receive what was promised, when it was promised to them.

Empowering the agent team with the ability to resolve guest complaints on the first point of contact, improves the guest’s experience, likeliness to recommend and return and dramatically reduces the need to escalate cases to Supervisors or to the field. Resolution can come in many forms; however industry leading best practice is to provide compensation via E-Fulfillment, it is immediate, the most cost effective, more easily tracked and drives the guest back to your brand sooner. These can be provided as a One Time/Use coupon code or an E-Gift card, emailed to your guest or sent to a smart phone via SMS text.

We provide industry leading customer service and support by customizing a plan that best fits your business. If your goal is to remove the burden of providing guest support and recovery from your business operators, we will customize an industry leading solution that is not only cost effective but is proven to increase your ROI, elevate your guest retention and alleviate additional tasks from your operators.

If your business model insists your business operators remain plugged in and accountable for their core customers, we will demonstrate the best way to execute on this plan while having transparency and field accountability with resolution tracking through custom reporting.


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