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Is Your Entertainment Brand Providing White Glove Customer Service or Just Standard Support?

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The entertainment industry, including gaming has a combined global annual gross revenue that exceeded 200 billion USD. With this much money at stake the leading companies are thinking outside of the box to be innovators in their respective space and offer services that their competitors do not.

White glove services are being adopted by more businesses with the intent of luring prospective customers away from their competitors, including online/virtual gaming, and cloud based Movie/Tv services. Exemplary service can be as simple as providing anytime access to representatives to answer questions, troubleshoot technical difficulties or to inquire about their bill. This may not seem like white glove service, however having a live agent available to serve a guest with little to no wait times lays the foundation for this service. The execution is not as simple as one may assume, as customer bases expand across different time zones, staffing appropriately to provide premium reliable service can be an expensive proposition.

With billions of dollars up for grabs it’s the brands that find new ways to best serve their customers through various mediums are the ones that come out on top. Providing guest “support” is fairly standard within most industries, however providing white glove service should be having a specialty agent that solves any issues, including technical, billing, content and sales. This rarely happens, as waiting to be transferred between departments, speaking to numerous people and often repeating yourself can be frustrating but commonplace.

Finding a Contact Center that can deliver this level of service may be a challenge, finding one that can deliver at a reasonable price even more difficult. Research, testimonials, and pilot programs are usually the best options to ensure you make the right choice. The field of candidates can be refined as many providers have little flexibility in their services offered, where the best fit would be with a Contact Center that presents customization as a regular practice.  Scalability is an important consideration as you customer base grows so will the need to serve them, identifying the Contact Center you choose can scale and grow with you is a critical factor to consider when choosing the right partner.


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