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Unlocking the Secret to Retaining E-Commerce Customers: Strategies for Success

In 2021 E-Commerce revenue in the US alone was over 750 billion dollars and estimated to grow to 1.3 trillion by 2025. According to 2021 figures there are 2.14 billion digital buyers in the world and will only get bigger.

Thinking outside of the box on ways to capture more sales, increase traffic and have better conversions are all full-time jobs in and of themselves, advances in technology aid in this pursuit, however, still require a hands-on approach.

One of the technological advancements that are ever present on most e-commerce sites is the Chat widget, this provides guests with quick access to information often provided by a bot and when needed a live agent for more complex issues. The gap in service, often identified by the consumer (38%) when engaging with the Chat medium is that it is simply not good enough.

Aligning for success starts with choosing the best software, but equally as important is determining the level of service you are prepared to offer your guests. Will you offer live support if the bot doesn’t resolve the guest’s inquiry? Will there be live support 24/7? Are you offering a toll-free customer service line as an alternative if guests insist on speaking to someone?

Setting clear expectations with your customers, ensuring hours of operation/service are posted on each contact medium to reduce a potential frustrating experience.  Going above and beyond to provide your customers with the best service and experience possible with live 24/7 service may cost more, however could separate you from the pack, gaining market share with increased traffic and sales.

Finding the right balance and weighing the up-front cost of offering industry leading service should be considered carefully as the Contact Center provider you choose should have the flexibility to start at one level of service and increase as you grow.

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