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How to Stand Out in the Crowded Legal Services Market: Setting Your Business Apart from the Competition

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Sensitive personal matters, injuries or general advice, obtaining legal services is available through a plethora of law firms, however, which do you choose? First impressions can be the determining factor whether a client retains your firms services or calls the next on the list.

How do you set your business apart? Lower rates? Guarantees?

Communication is almost always one of the most important criteria when choosing a law firm, if the firm’s ability and availability to connect with their potential clients is limited the likelihood of that firm winning the business is dramatically reduced.

Legal assistants are often utilized as a standard practice for general inquiries, appointment booking or lead qualifications, however depending on the volume of business your firm is taking on, the customer experience may be negatively impacted by long wait times. This can occur when staff at the firm are busy serving other clients, your potential customer is then left waiting on hold or forced to leave a voicemail. Employing multiple Assistants can be cost prohibitive and may not provide after hour service.

Employing a specialty answering service available 24/7 reduces the number of staff required on site, is more economical, provides coverage off business hours and improves the guest experience while positively impacting efficiencies. Some services, like any industry are better than others, choosing the right path forward can seem daunting at the best of times, the Center you choose should be flexible to your needs, be willing and able to provide a pilot to demonstrate the level of service you will ultimately be paying for. 

The net increase to your business should be realized almost immediately as initial inquiries are greeted quickly with a live representative increasing the percentage of contacts converted into sales . In parallel, the service to your existing clients should also improve as the 3rd party Contact Center will free up more time for the Legal assistants to handle more complex tasks, and existing client requests.

These are a few ways to be a leading in your space and keep your client coming back for future services and recommend to their friend and family.


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