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Real Estate Answering Service: How It Can Help You Close More Deals

The ability to capture every possible sales lead is critical in any business, however the real estate sector carries with it some of the largest average transaction values, hence the absolute necessity to always have a member of your team available for your potential clients.

real estate agent showing happy couple features of home

With nearly 8 million homes and over 5 million commercial properties sold in North America in 2021 the commissions that are up for grabs is very substantial. Within one of the most competitive industries do come challenges, as potential buyers and sellers reach out day and night via email, phone or Social, response times need to be immediate, otherwise tens of thousands of commission dollars risk being lost on every missed call, late email or Social response.

Providing a 24/7 service you never miss a sales lead or property inquiry. Employing a full-time Admin Assistant can leave gaps in service coverage and may prove costly. Hiring a 3rd party Contact Center to handle all e-contacts and voice interactions provides redundancy in the event multiple contacts come in simultaneously.  Our team would then provide the Realtor in Realtime, insightful details of buyers and sellers inquiry and intentions, eliminating the need to scour voicemails and respond to emails. The Realtors follow up to the potential client is more targeted and efficient based on the information gathered and shared by the Contact Center and virtually eliminates the risk of missing a contact.


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